Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wired on the Runway!

Fly down to the San Diego Airport on April 28th, 7-9pm

You are invited to experience Wired

Where fashion and artistic collaboration fuses natural elements
with quirky technology.

Presented with the Art Meets Fashion Teams

Join us for the VIP premier fashion show
San Diego Airport   Terminal 2   Baggage Claim Runway

when   I   April 28th, 2011, 7-9pm
tickets   I   $125 {seating is limited, advanced ticket purchase required}
rsvp   I   artmeetsfashion.org

For more information, go to Art Meets Fashion at
or, contact info@sdvisualarts.net

Fashion by, Qadir Hamidi; Art by Kristy Darrenogue; Photography by, Bradley Lamont; Education by, Irene de Watteville; Jewelry/Styling by, Pamela Pogue

Wired Watch.

A little video featuring Art Meets Fashion teams including our WIRED Team!  Presented by Art Meets Fashion, hosted by Felina Hanson and Patricia Frischer and produced by Adam Levin and Jessica Mandeville.  Nice job!

Wired. A Few Words.

Wired Is   artistic collaboration fuses natural elements with quirky technology.  a cool theme relatable to current and future trends.

Wired Work   innovative.  energetic.  agreeable.  dynamic.  symbiotic.

Wired Inspires   charged by nature’s energy and the beauty that nature creates.

Wired Found   creative solutions discovered through found objects, electrical contact, divergent textures, Turkman beads, glowing imagery, loop pleats, bold shapes, circuit boards, expressive colors, skipping rocks, recycled materials, cotton pods, world influences.  A sculpture.  A garment.  A photograph.  A necklace.  A lesson. The unexpected.

Pamela Pogue
jewelry designer/stylist


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wired I love........

Into the World of "WIRED" is where future of fashion and lifestyle takes ground up in a beautiful way.  What's most fascinating to me is how its all connected from ground up.... yarns to raw cotton into every stitch in multi color threads to wires that shape the helmut and onto the switchboard.  You can translate this to every part of our environment as well. I am emotionally moved by "WIRED" because of its sensitivity to how our earth resources will shape our future in parallel with technology.  I see a brighter, clearer, vibrant and sensitive conscious place we call home.  Let's CONNECT now.

Qadir Hamidi
Fashion Designer
Q Haute Couture, Qadir Hamidi

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Down to the Wire

Preparing last minute details for the Art Meets Fashion VIP Fashion Show!  Our WIRED team of runway professionals include:  make-up artists Kristy Darrenogue [our very own visual artist] and  Miriam; hair stylist Joseph Anthony with Hairlab; and 6 amazing models.  All are ready to rock the runway!

This exclusive event will be presented on Thursday, April 28, 2011 from 7-9pm, at the San Diego International Airport, Terminal 2, West baggage claim.  For ticket information on this event and details on our upcoming events, visit

WIRED - it's all in the details, from head to hem

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just who do you think we are...................

Meet the WIRED team:

Abdul Qadir Hamidi: Fashion Designer

At age ten, Qadir and his family escaped Afghanistan from communist rule in 1979. His remarkable and astounding story mimics the Sound of Music.
As a young boy, Qadir was the darling of his grandmother who happened to be a
fashionable figure. Her style sparked his interest in fashion.
A graduate of the prestigious school of design, FIDM of Los Angeles, California.
After working in the industry for several years, he presented his first collection in the spring of 2009.
His creations inspire to a woman of understated sophistication, youthfulness, charm and a spontaneous nature.
Her passion for luxury, quality & fine details distinguishes her style apart.
Natural beauty and wit makes her Q couture.

Kristy Darrenogue: Artist

Kristy Ann Darrenogue has had a varied and distinctive career as a designer and installation artist within the west coast fashion industry. While attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco (FIDM), where she received an Associates of Arts in Fashion Merchandising, Kristy has been commissioned to design and install multiple store and show displays by venues/designers including Tedda Hughes, Timbuktu Bags and even the FIDM campus. Prior to fashion, Kristy worked extensively within the beauty industry of San Francisco, and also on sets in Los Angeles for a variety of film production companies. Currently, Kristy resides in San Diego where she works as a make-up artist both independently and commercially for the premier cosmetic line Laura Mercier. She continues to design and display installation art in special events throughout Southern California.

Bradley Lamont: Photographer

After relocating from New Jersey to San Diego in the early 90’s, it was my brother who first opened my eyes to the world of photography. I was instantly intrigued and found it fascinating. Needless to say, I was hooked. It wasn’t until years later, after a career in law enforcement, that I realized my desire and passion to follow my true calling as a photographer. The many experiences that photography has allowed me to take part in have created memories that I will retain for a lifetime.
No matter what the project, I enjoy witnessing the client’s reaction when they see the end product and their moment coming to life in my photographs.
When I’m behind the camera, I’m happy and in my element.

Irene DeWaterville: Educator and Artist

Ierène de Watteville is a French born ceramic artist. In 1963 she moved to the US and graduated from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. She is on the board of Tile Heritage Foundation and the Synergy Arts Foundation and has given many tile and ceramic workshops. For ten years she has served on the Public Arts Advisory Commission of Solana Beach. Presently she is very active in the community with art related projects, especially at ARTS (A Reason to Survive) a non-profit organization that offers art for underprivileged kids.

Pamela Pogue: Jewelry Designer/ Stylist

Pamela Pogue has been involved in design and fashion since childhood, starting when she was among the top models in Minneapolis for over seven years. She modeled for print ads, brochures, packaging, and TV spots. Pamela’s academic pursuits were focused on design, art, textiles and fashion. In 1985, Pamela established an advertising, design and marketing firm that served clients in San Diego. The firm branded and launched start-up companies and multi-million dollar product lines for corporations. Then in 2003, Pamela established juelerie, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry collections for retail and commission. As the demand for the collection grew she transitioned from marketing for her clients, to marketing and developing her new company brand. In addition to running her businesses, Pamela has traveled extensively. Many of the stones, gems and metals in the juelerie collection were acquired by Pamela in her journeys. Her international experiences and her awareness of the visual influences in everyday life at home and abroad – nature, fashion, graphic design, cultural arts – inspire her use of color and materials. Combining unique materials has become a hallmark of the juelerie collection, with Pamela coordinating unexpected colors, textures, shapes, to create original designs. For further information visit www.juelerie.com or contact Pamela Pogue at pamela@juelerie.com.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wired on Top

Kristy's crown is awesome!  Adorned with circuit boards, metal, nuts and bolts.  Right out of the future.  Thanks Kristy for bringing your vision to life.  And, getting this blog up!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello, we are wired


Welcome to the WIRED Art Meets Fashion group blog.  We are a team of fashion designers, artists, photographers, stylists and educators. We are a part of the Art meets fashion collaboration project in San Diego California. 
The final project will be on display at the San Diego airport  for six months after the initial fashion show on April 28th in terminal 2 west baggage claim from 7-9 pm. We also have our pieces on display in the NTC arts building from April to September 2011.

To Learn more about the group, shows and art meets fashion committee log on to artmeetsfashion.org

stay tuned for pictures and our progress